Patience front-left bottom 02/2015


Thrush is a major problem for most horses and it’s pretty much the first thing we look for on a horse that is having any issues with it’s feet including all walking, trotting, cantering and jumping. Around here in the pacific northwest it’s wet for most of the year and as moisture is usually the…


Weaving in Horses

Something that we see often in stalls and paddocks are horses weaving. A lot of people wonder why horses weave and a quick search will show an abundance of articles on the topic of weaving horses. Simply put, weaving is what happens for horses that aren’t handling their environment well. Cribbing is another good example,…


Proud Flesh in Horses

One thing that a horse owner can get quite concerned about when their horse has an open wound that stays open for a while, is proud flesh. The reason it’s so concerning is that it looks weird and abnormal and in one 5 year old’s words, “it looks like a brain”. Which was funny at…