Being Aware of Shadows and Bright Spots in Water for Horses

Join me in this early morning trail ride out at Allco Park, here in Maple Ridge, B.C. as I help our current resident standardbred Benny understand that the lights and darks in the water aren't anything to worry about. In this video we take a look at how bright spots and shadows can affect a horse. It's really common to have a horse look sideways at a dark shadow on a bright road or trail, or a really bright spot on a dark trail. When you add water, and running water at that, into the mixture then it can really get them wary of what's going on under their feet. Understanding how the horse thinks about these kinds of things can help you prepare and in turn help your horse prepare for these oddities that they will come across in their life of trail riding. As so many horses don't have the opportunity to live next to a running stream, creak or river, this isn't something they may come across a lot and in turn may be either afraid of or at least worried about. With practice, all horses can get used to and even enjoy a walk about in some water, running or not.

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